"Peacetime" exhibition has reopened for visitors

"Peacetime" reopens on June 23, the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. The exhibition showcases contemporary art works including those of students and graduates of the Rodchenko Art School.

The artists analyze the phenomenon of historical memory, dematerialize the instruments of aggression and rethink the brutality of hostilities. For example, the Rodchenko Art School graduate Maxim Zmeev in his photographic project «Decay» used an artistic technique of deconstruction: thus the author managed to destroy the terrible image of war by turning its familiar attributes – weapons and military uniforms – into a set of geometric figures.

The joint exhibition project of Gorky Park and the Rodchenko School ‘’Peace’’time» was launched on March 11. The organizers initially planned to launch a creative laboratory, arrange a performance and a meeting with authors. But the program had to be suspended, as the Gorky Park Museum went on forced «holidays». The park staff partially compensated for the lack of offline activities with online tours, and it was a new and interesting experience: each artist spoke about his part of the exposition.