Gorky Park podcasts

You might have seen an interesting transparent box, perfectly hidden in the Muzeon surroundings. It is a live studio called Media Point for harsh discussions about culture, business and leisure, which you can join on our podcasts pages on all popular platforms.

These podcasts come as a part of a large ParkTunes project, where unite Gorky Park official page in Apple music, DJs’ and electronic artists lives, audio tours through the park and commercial programs.

“DELOVYE” (Business-minded)

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This podcast is about inspiration, strength, opportunity and determination. You will hear the stories of people who dared and succeeded. Founders and managers, architects and designers, sound engineers, owners of restaurants, clubs, small brands and workshops. Representatives of the creative class, that make our world better every day. It will defenitely inspire you to make your own achievements.


Aleksey Baranov – Russia designers association member, professor, graphic designer, public figure

Boris Bolelov – Gorky Park special projects manager, radio host, journalist


The institute of culture and leisure

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This podcast will explore the notion of leisure and how it is changing in the realities of today. Musicians, journalists, TV hosts, film directors, specialists in relaxation and experts in other related fields will discuss the modern understanding of rest and will try to answer whether it is possible to turn off your brain in the world of endless information noise.

Author and host:

Boris Bolelov – Gorky Park special projects manager, radio host, journalist.