New tours: flower routes in Parterre and Muzeon from electric bus window

Landscaping compositions of the Gorky Park regularly win awards, while during the blossoming period they draw extraordinary attention. Now all that wonderful places are gathered in a single special flower tour. A traditional viewing tour across the Muzeon is now available via a comfortable electrobus.

Flower Waltz Tour (10+)

The tour will plunge you into the flower greatness of park’s landmarks. You will be able to enjoy all varieties of flowers and compositions in the Partere of the Gorky Park – a sample of a regular soviet-style park, visit the Rosarium and Peonium, will learn basics of landscape architecture and secrets of soviet landscape architectors.

Dates: May, 12 – 14:00; May, 22 – 13:00.

Highlight tour across Muzeon on electrobus (10+)

You will dive into past of Moscow, will learn about the struggle between the Moscow Tzardom and the Crimean Khanate, bloody battles of old near the Krymskiy Shallows and about the Krymskoye Compound, will visit a historic residence of envoys from the Crimean Khan. You will see the monumental building of the Central Artist House and will enter the biggest Russian open-air sculpture museum, which hosts around 700 art pieces.

Dates – May, 3, 15, 23. 11:00.