20 trees planted in Neskuchniy garden to commemorate opening of #wearetogether award ceremony

Planted larches, ashberry trees, spruces, oaks and maple trees are a tribute to doctors and social workers, which helped during COVID-19. The event was visited by First Deputy Chief of President Administration Sergey Kiriyenko and Deputy Chairman of State Government Tatyana Golikova.

The alley with planted trees is situated near the Count Orlov’s Summerhouse. The design of wood edge was developed by the Gorky Park Landscaping Department. It includes restoration of green areas after the hurricane of 2017. The design is based on archive sources to resurrect long-lost historic views of the manor landscape grounds dated in the 19th century.

Prior to the event, park designers also refreshed the Aleksandinskaya Alley of the Neskuchniy Garden, which leads to the wood edge. There they planted cannes, agaves, hemp palms and rare species of violas.

The event commemorates the opening of the #WEARETOGETHER International Award Ceremony. Its goal is to support social initiatives, aimed at improving the quality of life and direct help to people. The award is granted to Russians, foreigners and organizations, which contribute to the solution of critical humanitarian issues. Winners will receive the grants for up to 2.5 mln. RUB, guaranteed place in educational programs and promotion of their projects. Applications are valid for persons above 14 years old and representatives of organizations. Application is done via the award website and is closing after July, 5th.

The stand with a QR-code, which leads to the award website and where you can apply for participation and see details, is placed at the entrance to the alley.