Counting nightingales in Gorky Park

On May 27, ornithologist Mariya Monakhova counted nightingales in the park as part of the “Krylatiye Sosedi (Winged neighbours)” project, which started in April.

Nightingales are an indicator of an ecological situation in parks, squares and other city green areas. If the situation becomes worse, nigthingales are forced to abandon their homes. The number of nightingales in the park is increasing – as of today, its 9.

In the previous month our park was visited by a rare small carnivorous guest to our area – a hobby. It preys on larger insects and lesser birds, which it catches on the fly. The photo traps also caught pictures of finches, warblers, wagtails and nightingales. The latter ones start visiting the park with the first leaves on trees.

Several hints for amateur birdwatchers:

  1. Find a place where nightingales sing.
  2. Count birds at dusk.
  3. Write down the address, mark the park area or alley close to where you heard nightingales.
  4. Make a brief description of the place: park, garden near buildings, sandlot, etc.
  5. Record nightingale’s voice, if possible.
  6. Send all your findings to