Golitsynsky Pond

Golitsynsky Pond

Golitsynsky Pond consists of two parts: the small and the big ponds. Founded in 1954, the complex has always been one of the most romantic places in the park.

From the direction of Pushkinskaya embankment the pond is planked with wood. The embankment of the pond is one of the most comfortable places to work in the Park. There're a good wi-fi signal, deck-chairs and benches. It's also one of the spots where one can find the sockets to charge phones or other electronic devices. 

Boat renting is also available. The territory of the Pond is quite big so it's possible to move easily around it using the boat. 

Golitsinsky pond changed its title and at the time of the Sovient Union was renamed as Pionersky. During the reconstruction of the Park,  Golitsinsky Pond has received its original name. 

The main attraction of the Pond is a small "Dancing island". Currently this island is abandoned, however in 1930's one of the most beautiful stages of the Park located there. On the brim there used to be the amphitheater for 700 spectators while the island served as a platform for the plays. Repertoire was quite diverse - theatre plays and ballet, opera, musical acts and other different performances. The Bolshoy Theatre artists also gave their performances here. 

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